Farmington Pedestrian Bridge

In an effort to beautify and create open spaces for residents to enjoy, the city of Farmington has taken the old rail line and turned it into an extension of the Legacy Parkway trail for residents to enjoy.  Our team was honored to set multiple bridges in the area to complete the project.

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Through the Roof

Mountain Crane played a pivotal role in phases 3 and 4 of a compressor station recently. With our 110-ton RT crane, versatile Carry Deck, and consistent use of a 275-ton crane throughout the month-long project we were able to provide crane support in the piping and equipment setting. The final lift was the flawless installation […]

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Important Crane Safety Precautions to Maintain

When it comes to heavy machinery like cranes and related equipment, safety is of paramount importance. Among those who operate cranes regularly, there are several areas of crane safety that must be maintained, helping prevent accidents and keep everyone in the general area, not just the operator themselves, safe from hazards. At Mountain Crane Service, […]

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Industries Where Cranes Provide the Greatest Value

There are several qualities of cranes that really highlight their major benefits, and at or near the top of any such list is their versatility. Cranes are regularly utilized for a huge variety of different project types, providing value for companies across numerous different industries. At Mountain Crane, we're happy to provide the very best […]

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Understanding Standard Crane Components and Their Uses

Cranes are one of the most common forms of equipment seen at various construction sites, allowing crews to lift and move huge volumes of materials that wouldn't be possible otherwise. If you're among any contractors or workers who will be working with or even alongside a crane during any part of your job, it's important […]

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Variables to Consider in a Crane Rental Company

When it comes to a major area like crane rental for any project you're organizing, choosing the right partner is extremely important. From costs and crane quality to important safety and efficiency areas, plus many others, it's vital to take the time to carry out your research on the ideal crane rental partner. At Mountain […]

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From start to finish

There is nothing quite like seeing a project from start to finish. We love being a part of jobs like this where our team has a hand in so many parts of the building process. It began with our Grove 110 ton RT placing & removing cement forms. Next, our tilt team came on scene […]

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Refining processes in construction

As you approach your next big project, consider eliminating unnecessary steps that create room for error & time constraints. With the ease and convenience of our heavy haul experts, thebest engineers, and the top notch crane crew we have refined the process of construction. These pictures show a great example of this. It all began […]

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Bridge Builders

Our team was given a 10 minute window to move this 50 ton bridge along the public roadway at the Salt Lake International Airport. Pictured here our OshKosh m1070 tugger brought the piece into place and our LTM 1220 set it. The job continued over six nights until all seven sections of the pe- destrian […]

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Wildlife Bridge

It was a project that caused some major detours for motorists traveling East and West on I-80 last month. In the end it's a win-win for the safety of drivers and animals who share this area. Just West of Parley's summit, UDOT began this 5 million dollar project. Tall fences will funnel the wildlife to […]

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