Tilting Innovation

Traditionally on panels that require face and top picks, they are first raised with a face pick and then temporarily braced to ground, and the rigging is then switched to the top pick to set the panel hanging vertically.  With a little innovation and planning with our customer, our team utilized a Liebherr LR 1600 with […]

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Specialty Lift at Water Treatment Plant

GOT A TRICKY LIFT? Our lifting capabilities go a lot further than cranes alone. Often times a project has equipment to be moved in a place that a crane can’t go. Our experienced special project’s team is the solution for these situations. This project required our crew flawlessly maneuvered a 20,000 lb blower motor inside […]

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Mad About Modules

Mountain is your resource as more industrial sites move toward modularized construction. Many large projects involve building trestles, pipe racks, and structural components in modular sections. These modules are transported to the job site and set by crane. This construction process greatly reduces many of the safety hazards at the job site and allows for […]

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What Are the Best Cranes to Use When Building a Skyscraper?

Cranes are well-known for their use in erecting taller structures, and some of the most popular here are skyscrapers. What are the best cranes to use when building a skyscraper, and what else do you need to know about this process if you're involved in planning or construction? At Mountain Crane Service, we're here to […]

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When Should I Use a Crane for My Project Needs?

Knowing when and how to use specialized equipment for any construction or related project is always important, and crane rentals are no exception. A common question from crane rental clients: When should I use a crane for my project needs? At Mountain Crane Service, we're here to offer a wide range of crane rentals, plus […]

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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Rent a Crane

If you're new to the process, you may be wondering exactly how to rent a crane from a reputable provider for use on any project type. Luckily, this process tends to be simple enough, especially if you're aware of just a few basic tenets. At Mountain Crane Service, we're proud to offer an extensive fleet […]

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How Much Does it Cost Clients To Rent a Crane?

Costs are a common consideration for any major project you're involved in, and those involving crane rental are no exception. A common question from prospective clients in the crane rental world: How much does it cost to rent a crane? At Mountain Crane Service, we're here to offer a huge range of crane rental options […]

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Value of Crane Rental With Professional Operators

There are many fields where the use of professionals for certain important processes is vital, and the realm of crane rental is a great example. A big part of any great crane rental company involves crane operator services carried out by experienced professionals, and such professionals provide value to your crane projects in several ways. […]

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Big Lifts in Big Sky Montana

Mountain specializes in all types of refinery work. Whether your turn-around requires 3 cranes or 30 cranes, we are ready to partner with you for a safe and effective project.

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Dismantling the Tower Crane

Must see video dismantling the LTM 1650-8.1 In 2022, our team had the honor of erecting the tower crane for the Astra Towers project in Salt Lake City. Fast forward to April 2024, after remarkable progress led by Jacobsen Construction, the time had come for the tower crane to be dismantled – a significant endeavor! […]

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