Mountain Crane Rental and Services in Michigan

Mountain Crane Service in Michigan is a leading crane rental company that provides heavy rigging, heavy transport, and storage yard rental/crane storage services for industrial constructions, wind turbine companies, and general construction companies 

We have a long history of providing our clients with the highest quality services possible and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our cranes are essential to many industrial and construction projects, and we are proud to contribute our expertise to these ventures.  

Our Crane Rental Services in Michigan

Some of the most common types of cranes rented by general and industrial construction companies include: 


Tower Crane Services

Used for lifting and moving heavy objects high into the air, construction companies commonly use tower cranes. They can be used to install structural steel, place girders, and set trusses. 

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Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are designed to work in rugged terrain where other types of cranes would not operate. They are often used in wind turbine installation projects and other industrial construction ventures. 

Rough Terrain Crane

Rough terrain cranes are similar to crawler cranes in that they are designed for use in difficult terrain. However, these cranes have a shorter boom and are better suited for smaller projects. 

Benefits of Hiring a Crane Rental Company in Michigan

A crane rental company is fit for heavy lifting and moving objects. Not only do they have the necessary equipment, but they also have the experience and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently. Mountain Crane Service should be your first choice if you're looking for a crane rental company in North Carolina. Here's why: 

  • We have a wide range of experience, having worked on wind turbine installation, industrial construction, and general construction. It means that we can handle just about any type of project. 
  • We have a fleet of cranes that are well-maintained and up-to-date. We ensure that you will have the right crane for the job, no matter what. 
  • We are dedicated to safety and always put safety first. It means that your projects will be completed safely and without any accidents. 

Types Of Projects In Need Of Crane Rental Services

Some of the most common projects that require crane rental services include wind turbine installation, industrial construction, and general construction. Each of these projects has different needs, and it is important to work with a company that understands those needs.  

At Mountain Crane Service, we are experts in crane rental services and are ready to provide you with the perfect crane for your project.  

Wind Turbine Installation

A wind turbine installation requires a specialized crane known as a tower crane. Tower cranes are used to lift heavy objects high into the air, making them essential for installing wind turbines for wind power projects.  

Industrial Construction

Industrial construction projects are often large and complex, requiring to get the job done. Mobile cranes, crawler cranes, and rough terrain cranes are commonly used in industrial construction projects.  

General Construction

General construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they require a crane. Whether you need a mobile crane to move materials around the site or a tower crane to install structural steel, we have you covered.  

What to expect from Mountain Crane Service

When you work with Mountain Crane Service, you can expect quality crane rental services and the highest level of safety. We understand that your project is important to you. We will do everything in our power to ensure that everything is completed on time. CONTACT US TODAY to learn more about our crane rental services! 

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