Transporting a Flight Simulator

Transporting a Flight Simulator

Mountain Crane had the unique privilege of transporting a flight simulator for Bountiful Flight. This job featured our crane service along with Mountain Heavy Transport, and our Jack and Slide Division. We used our jack and slide skates to move it out of a tight area to a spot where our 40 ton boom truck could safely hoist. As soon as it was in the air, we used our heavy haul truck to back up underneath it. After securing the simulator on the trailer, we were ready to move it to its new home in Bountiful, Utah. The challenge was the fragile gyros within the flight simulators computer. If anything was to go wrong with those it would ruin the whole machine, that's worth $100,000. We made sure to take extra precautions while transporting. Choosing routes with smooth roadways, avoiding pot holes along the way while maintaining a mild speed. Upon arrival, we set up the boom truck right next to the semi and lifted it off gently. We then swung around and set the simulator on jack and slide skates in front of the new hanger. Since this new hanger only had 20 feet of clearance our jack and slide skate were perfect for this part of the job. We gently pushed the flight simulator into place and lifted the simulator off the skates using jacks and very gently sat it upon the ground. We thank Bountiful Flight for the amazing privilege it was to do this job for them!

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