Tilt Up Legends = Mountain Crane Service

Tilt Up Legends = Mountain Crane Service

Mountain Crane recently completed tilting concrete panels on the North Pointe building in American Fork, Utah using its Manitowoc 2250. This tilt up presented a unique challenge in the form of a number of very large panels measuring 70’ wide and weighing up to 180,000 lbs. These panels were expertly placed by Danny Anderson, one of our seasoned crane operators.

In order to eliminate joints on the face of the building the owner combined 3 normal panels into 1. As a result, these giant panels required 32 pick points, seven spreader bars, and 24 snatch blocks to pick and set into place. The Manitowoc 2250 required more boom than usually required on a tilt up to facilitate the additional required headroom do to the multiple levels of rigging. For reference, the typical amount of pick points is 8.

This project represents another first. This is the first time that seven spreader bars and 32-pick points have been used on a tilt up in the Salt Lake Region. Mountain Crane continues to find solutions to unique lifting situations. Out vast experience and large fleet of cranes continues to make us the top choice for tilt ups. Have a tild up job? Please give us a call or visit our website!

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