Mountain Crane Wind Maintenance Team

Mountain Crane Wind Maintenance Team

Mountain Crane’s Wind Maintenance Team recently worked on a few maintenance projects for multiple wind farms around the U.S. In May, we worked on two sites for Nordex: Rippey and Hawkeye. Both locations are in Iowa, and used the LR1600/2 with 344 ft of main boom and 39 ft of jib. Starting in Hawkeye, our five man crew replaced a generator. The process involves hooking the crane onto the old generator, and bringing it down from the tower. Then, the new generator is brought in to replace it. This job started out with difficulties, as the site was very muddy.

After the generator was replaced, our crew moved to Rippey to fix a gearbox. This site had additional weather issues, but luckily, we were still able to finish the job that afternoon.
Mountain Crane has also been working with Pacificorp in Goldendale, Washington. The project was to lower the turbine hub/rotor assembly to the ground, followed by the removal of each blade. With the blades removed, the mechanical team replaced the pitch bearings on each blade and then the hub/rotor assembly was installed. This was projected to take 10 days, but was completed in 3 days thanks to a great assembly team, operators and riggers.

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