Mountain Crane performs Shark Tunnel lift!

Mountain Crane performs Shark Tunnel lift!

Lifting a 40 ft. long shark tunnel is a peace of cake for Mountain Crane. We were ingredibly grateful to have been a part of creating a place of so many smiles and fun memories! Who doesn't love that amazing shark tunnel? It just makes you feel something special. A little scary, nervous, but above all impressed, dazed, astounded.

This lift featured our Grove GMK 5275 All-Terrain Crane. The glass tunnel installed was 40ft. long, 26,000lbs. and 6.5inch thick acrylic. GMK 5275 All Terrain Crane installed this 40 ft. long, 26,000 lbs. 6.5 inch thick acrylic tunnel.

This lift required intense precision as there was about a 1-inch clearance on both sides. Our incredibly talented operator, Riley Allen, lifted the tunnel from the ground and into its proper position; doing this through the open ceiling and into the aquarium. Check out this Youtube video for the full effect of just how awsome this set is!

This job just goes to show how versatile we are. Whatever it is you need lifted we have: not only the crane but the skilled operator as well. Give us a call 801-282-3330! We also perform, any, heavy haul. For more info, our website. And definitely check out our Newsletter for the monthly giveaway!

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