Industries Where Cranes Provide the Greatest Value

Industries Where Cranes Provide the Greatest Value

There are several qualities of cranes that really highlight their major benefits, and at or near the top of any such list is their versatility. Cranes are regularly utilized for a huge variety of different project types, providing value for companies across numerous different industries.

At Mountain Crane, we're happy to provide the very best commercial crane rental services around, with a fleet of tower cranes, crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes and many others to meet the needs of clients in a variety of areas. What are some of the industries where our services are most popular and add the most value? Here are several, plus the role cranes play within them.


The first item here on our list should surprise no one: Cranes are regularly used by both residential and commercial construction companies alike. The ability to lift and move heavy objects quickly and easily makes them an invaluable tool on any construction site, and they can be found in use almost anywhere there's a need for heavy lifting.

The potential applications of cranes on construction sites range widely, from the use of a crane to lift extremely large, heavy building materials into place as part of the construction process to the use of a crane as part of a special operation such as window washing. Even relatively small cranes can be used to great effect in these settings, where their speed and low operating costs make them practical choices for a wide variety of lifting applications.

In many cases, cranes are used within construction even for purposes you may not have considered. For instance, cranes are often utilized for tree removal, a process where workers remove trees from the earth and relocate them elsewhere rather than chopping them down - shifting both their location and potentially their species.


Another industry where cranes are regularly called into action is telecommunications. The installation and maintenance of telecom equipment can require heavy lifting, and cranes provide an easy and safe way to get the job done.

Cranes can help with tasks such as the installation of large satellite dishes or the stringing of telephone wires between buildings. They're also frequently used in the repair and maintenance of telecom infrastructure, helping to keep these critical systems up and running.


In the mining industry, cranes play a vital role in moving materials around the worksite. Whether it's loading coal onto a truck for transport or moving rocks and earth to create new tunnels, cranes are an indispensable part of mining operations.

Their size and strength also make cranes well-suited for use in loading and unloading ore cars, an essential task in any mining operation. In fact, many mining companies rely on cranes as their primary means of material handling, due to the sheer weight and volume of materials.

Maritime Applications

There are also several uses of cranes within varying maritime applications. Cranes can be used to move large objects in and around ports, helping with tasks such as the unloading of cargo and the loading of vessels.

They're also frequently used in shipbuilding, where their ability to quickly and easily lift heavy materials is essential. In fact, many large ships are built almost entirely with the help of cranes and other specialized machinery.

HVAC and Other Mechanical Installations

Many of the most important HVAC or other mechanical items are extremely heavy, making them difficult to install or relocate without a crane. That's where cranes come in, providing an easy and safe way to get the job done.

Cranes are often used in the installation of large air handlers, chiller plants and other equipment. They can also be helpful in the relocation of these items, allowing companies to move their equipment to different locations in order to avoid service calls, reduce city permitting requirements or complete other tasks.

Power Generation

We've all seen the gigantic networks of power lines that run across our country, and those lines are supported by an equally impressive network of steel towers. Cranes play a major role in the construction and maintenance of these towers, helping to install and maintain the heavy steel components.

They're also frequently used in the repair of power lines, where their speed and reach can be a life-saving asset. In fact, many power companies maintain a fleet of cranes specifically for use in repairing their infrastructure.

Shipping and Storage Industry

Shipping and storage are huge industries that rely on cranes in a variety of different capacities. Cranes help with the loading and unloading of shipping containers, while also offering assistance in moving heavy materials around warehouses and distribution centers.

As one might expect, their reach and lifting capabilities make them an invaluable part of any warehouse or storage facility. Their ability to lift large objects into high places can save time and money, while also preventing back injuries.

In fact, cranes have been a huge part of the major improvements that have been made to shipping facilities around the world. Ports that were once clogged with mountains of containers can now be easily serviced with the help of a few well-placed cranes.

Steel Industry

Finally, the steel industry is one that relies on cranes in a multitude of different applications. They can be used to load and unload raw materials, as well as processed steel products.

Cranes are often used to lift heavy steel components into place while buildings and other structures are being constructed, adding an extra level of safety for workers. In large manufacturing facilities, they're frequently used to move finished products from one area to another, helping to keep the production process running smoothly.

As you can see, cranes are an essential piece of equipment for a wide variety of industries. Their versatility and ability to handle heavy loads makes them a valuable asset for any company. For more information on any of our crane rentals or related services, speak to the staff at Mountain Crane today.

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