Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Crane Rental in Idaho

For all your professional crane rentals and service in Idaho, look no further than Mountain Crane. We offer an extensive range of services and support for commercial crane rental throughout the state and around the entire Intermountain region.

Extensive Crane Rental Fleet

With more than 130 available cranes for rent ranging from an 8.5 to a 900-ton crane, Mountain Crane is sure to have the equipment you need. You can find a full list available through our commercial crane rental and industrial crane rental services. They fall into several categories, including:

  • Tower cranes
  • Crawler cranes (including telescopic crawlers)
  • Hydraulic cranes (including all-terrain)
  • Hydraulic truck cranes
  • Lattice truck cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes

Our experienced project managers can help you determine which crane(s) are best for your project based on the scope and goals. We can also help you plan out the project if you’re not quite sure how many cranes you need, how long it will take, and what other equipment will be necessary.

Featured Project

Placed on a flexifloat barge system and maneuvered with 3 tug boats.
3 - 180,000 lb Girders

Experienced Operators & Additional Services

Mountain Crane goes far beyond just renting heavy equipment. Our services encompass every aspect of your project, beginning with the planning stages. We have a team of engineers who can help you with AutoCAD drawings, 3D animation, renderings necessary for approval or other requirements, including PE-stamped drawings if needed.

Once we know what kind of equipment you require, we have the heavy haul and transport services to get the equipment to your site. Our trucks can all be customized to meet your exact project specifications, including getting it to areas that have limited access or rough terrain. We also have trucks available for vessels, transformers, and over-dimensional loads.

We have several years of experience with wind turbines, including planning, transporting, and erecting the necessary machinery to get these massive structures built.

Finally, we’re here to help with all your storage and other accessory needs. We have four acres of secure monitored storage to hold items, with convenient access to major highways that service Idaho and surrounding states.


Idaho Crane Services

Renewable Energy Projects
Wind Turbine
Commercial Construction
Wind Turbine Maintenance
Residential Construction
Bridge Construction
Industrial Construction

Committed to Safety and to You

Every operator in the Mountain Crane family is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) with both written tests and practical application. This certification helps ensure that every member of our team fully understands how to perform his or her duties, and understands how to do so safely. NCCCO-certified employees make fewer mistakes, have fewer accidents, and are better prepared for the rigors of a job operating, engineering, building, and handling heavy machinery and crane equipment.

At Mountain Crane, our commitment is centered around safety. We want to ensure that every member of our team, and every member of your team, goes home at the end of the day.



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Mountain Crane offers one of the largest fleet of cranes in the Mountain West! Our diverse fleet has the right crane for your job!